Conferences & Seminars

WU-Workshop on Macroeconomic Policy in the Eurozone (Vienna), CompNet-EBRD Workshop on Localisation and Productivity (London), CREDIT Conference (Venice), International Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance (Aix-en-Provence; also discussant), Research Workshop of the MPC Task Force on Banking Analysis for Monetary Policy (Brussels), WU-Workshop in Applied Econometrics (Vienna), Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association 2018 (Vienna), TI Jamboree 2018 (Amsterdam)

Seminars at VU Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Austrian Central Bank, Dutch Central Bank

IFABS (Oxford), CAED (Seoul), EUDN PhD Workshop on Development Economics (Wageningen), FIW conference (Vienna), Austrian Economic Association Winter Workshop (Vienna)

Seminars at VU Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, Austrian Central Bank, Dutch Central Bank

Seminar at VU Amsterdam